On the Town!

I bought a last-minute ticket to see this glorious revival, and boy am I glad I did! What a show this is, both as a piece of writing and as a performance. Such an interesting mixture of low comedy and high art.... the ballets were really extraordinary. What the three leading men are doing is amazing... , they are each wonderful singers, dancers, actors and comedians. Tony Yazbek struck me as a real thoroughbred... he sings operatically in a special extension of "Lonely Town", dances like Gene Kelly and Nijinsky, and when he takes off his shirt in the Coney Island boxing match, he's like a statue come to life!

James Moore conducts a crackerjack orchestra of 28, that sits high up in the pit so you can really hear them. Bravo to everyone involved in this production... I could go on and on and talk about each person's contribution, but it's late and I have to study SHOW BOAT!