A typical day

Woken up at 5 am by one of the kids... no more sleep today... A check-in on the KING AND I dance workshop... amazing! What a talented and attractive group, doing the gorgeous Jerome Robbins ballet, "The Little House of Uncle Thomas."

Followed by a production meeting for SHOW BOAT... so much to figure out! But it's all coming together. SHOW BOAT is one of the only Broadway shows that really doesn't have a standard playing text... nearly everyone doing a first-class production these days does his or her own version, using elements of the 1927 and 1946 stage productions as well as elements from the three movie versions. I'm leaning heavily on the 1927 version, and including some songs very rarely heard in performance.

Lunch with the amazing concertmaster of the Orchestra of St. Luke's, Krista Feeney... a stimulating conversation.  We'll be working together this season on three concerts with the Collegiate Chorale. Speaking of, an interesting hour-long phone conference to discuss long-term fund raising strategies.... we have an incredibly hard-working and imaginative Board of Directors at the Chorale, and I'm so grateful for their dedication.

Then research on SHOW BOAT with the help of Bruce Pomahac and Wayne Blood at the Rodgers and Hammerstein organization... they unearthed some files they didn't even know they had from the 1946 revisal!

Dinner at home with Noah and the talented and charming men behind the tie company, "Title of Work".... check them out.